Flooring (4 Systems)

System No. 122
Resinous Floor Solutions
Durable Protection
Chemical Resistance
Impact Resistance
Low VOC Content
Seamless & Hygienic
System No. 213
Epoxy Coating System
Superior mechanical properties
Self smoothing
Solvent free
Light- and medium-duty usage
Multiple usage areas
Water resistance
Increased durability and longevity
System No. 214
Epoxy Self-Leveling Coating System

High impact resistance & Compressive Srength
Superior abrasion resistance
Excellent chemical resistance
High bond strength
Solvent free & self leveling
Heavy duty usage
System No. 215
Polyurethane Self-Leveling Coating System
High compressive strength & Impact resistance
Waterproof membrane
Abrasion resistance
Elongation & Crack bridging
Heavy duty usage