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  • VIVA Franseal WB
    High quality, colorless Silicone water repellent and penetrative material
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  • VIVA Joint
    High quality & ready to use filler as a skim coat or a jointing compound for gypsum boards
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  • VIVA Roofcoat
    Acrylic bonding agent to penetrate substrate as an adhesion-promoting agent.
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  • VIVA Clear Sealer
    Extremely versatile bonding agent for use with all cementitious materials, lime washes, plasters, etc. It can be used to penetrate substrate as an adhesion-promoting agent, as a primer/ sealer for decorative coatings and as an additive for cement/sand mixes
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  • VIVA 2K
    Waterproofing paint, two components (Acrylic resin & Cementitious powder), can withstand high positive water pressure up to 7 bar
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  • VIVA Bond
    Acrylic bonding agent, can be absorbed deeply into the substrate of cementitious surface. It binds the cement or the paint to the surface, to enhance the physical properties
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