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  • Uniguard PU1000 2K
    A two component, fast curing, cold applied polyurea waterprooing membrane
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  • Penguard FC
    Two component, polyamide cured, high molecular weight epoxy coating
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  • Penguard Midcoat
    Two component polyamide cured epoxy coating. It is a high solids, high build product.
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  • Jotashield Tex Medium
    Water Base Anticarbonation Paint, medium textured paint. Based on pure acrylic emulsion
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  • Roofguard
    Waterproofing, flexible, thick exterior emulsion coating
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  • Fenomastic Pure Color Emulsion
    Superior quality emulsion paint. Based on special acrylic copolymer emulsion, offers good flow, hiding power and provides smooth durable and washable finish, available in matt and semigloss finish
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  • Steel Enamel
    A high quality alkyd paint, with a high solids content, can withstand weather conditions
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  • Road Marking
    Road Marking is a quick drying, solvent based paint. Based on solvent based acrylic resin, can be used for marking roads and kerb, UV resistant colours
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  • Jotafloor Glass Flake
    Two component amine cured glass flake reinforced epoxy coating, High solids and High build product.
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  • Jotafloor Glass Flake HS
    Two component amine cured, glass flake reinforced, abrasion resistant epoxy coating, High solids and High build product
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  • Fenomastic Pure Color Enamel
    Enamel topcoat, Based on alkyd resin, provide resistance against yellowing
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