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  • Lady Design Glitter
    Waterborne paint, 100% pure acrylic emulsion, with a glitter effect
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  • Lady Design Diamonds
    Waterborne paint, textured crystal and glittery finish
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  • Lady Design Glaze
    Oil based, with a woody rustic texture or an aged rusted look
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  • Lady Design Pearl
    Waterborne paint, stylish with a pearlescent finish
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  • Coccio Antico
    Lime-based powdered mineral plaster for exterior and interior
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  • Lady Design Romano
    Waterborne paint, tough acrylic copolymer, roman stone finish
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  • Lady Design Royal Velvet
    Waterborne paint, Acrylic emulsion, Luxurious soft velvet
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  • Eventi NEUTRO
    Decorative paint for interior and exterior walls to obtain special chromatic light effects with bright reflections, has special pigments that can direct the light and give to the surface on which it is applied a slight silky texture
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  • Lady Design Metallic Sand
    Waterborne paint with a metallic sand finish
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  • Lady Design Prestige
    Waterborne paint, with luxurious metallic look
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  • Lady Design Stucco Antica
    Waterborne paint, elegant and antique marble finish
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