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  • Jotashield Décor Traditional Tex
    Water Base Anticarbonation Paint, 100% pure acrylic, gives an elegant traditional look
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  • UMP Tex 02
    Water based textured exterior paint containing flexible acrylic binder reinforced with tough special fillers
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  • Jotashield Tex Medium
    Water Base Anticarbonation Paint, medium textured paint. Based on pure acrylic emulsion
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  • Easycoat Magnum
    Water Base acrylic copolymer emulsion paint, Medium Texture
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  • 2K Flexi Fiber
    A flexible, fiber-reinforced cementitious waterproofing slurry consisting of two components that is specifically designed for crack bridging. The system can also withstand high positive water pressure up to 7 bar. It’s recommended for concrete surfaces to tolerate fine to medium cracks and suitable in both interior and exterior applications.
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