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  • PU Topcoat
    A two-component chemically cured aliphatic polyurethane coating. High performance, non-yellowing, designed to resist chemicals, abrasion, impact, and sun damage. Therefore, it is suitable for many types of floors with different levels of mechanical and chemical exposure. For use as a topcoat in atmospheric environments.
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  • Epoxy SL C
    A solvent free amine cured epoxy coating. It is a durable and high performance product. Self-levelling epoxy specially designed as a tough heavy-duty coating for the reinforcement and protection of concrete floors. It can be applied at high thickness between 1 and 4mm.
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  • Epoxy Sealer
    It has excellent penetration properties and seals the surface by levelling it as it enters all the pores. The two-component epoxy sealer is polyamide-cured, making it highly durable and suitable for concrete or masonry. It has high adhesive properties, ensuring not only adhesion to the bottom surface but also to other potential topcoats such as polyurethane coatings.
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  • Epoxy SL
    A two component solvent free epoxy used as a primer for epoxy flooring systems. Because of its low viscosity, it is suitable for filling cracks and for strong jointing of concrete sections, can be used for new and old concrete surfaces. The Epoxy SL system is designed to provide continuous protection for floors for medium and heavy-duty applications. It can be applied at high thickness between 50 and 200um.
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