Internal Walls (7 Systems)

System No. 201
Interior Emulsion Economical System
Good coverage
Good whiteness
Easy application
Good flow& hiding power Available in Matt/Silk finish
System No. 202
Interior Emulsion Durable System
Long lasting colours
Smooth finish
Washable and low odour
Good sheen
Avaliable in Matt/SG finish
System No. 203
Interior Washability Emulsion System
Smooth & silky finish
Good washability
Gives a good colour experience
Accurate Colours
System No. 204
Interior Hygiene Emulsion System
Prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria
Perfect for high humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms
Crack tolerance up to 1 mm
Avaliable in Matt/Silk finish
System No. 205
Interior Luxurious Emulsion System
Smooth finish
Luxurious Silk/Matt Finish
Advanced easy clean technology
No Smell
Improved indoor air quality
Superior Washability
System No. 103
Dampness Treatment
Treatment of rising dampness
Matt finish
Beautiful smooth finish
Compatible with any topcoat
System No. 104
Anti carbonatation paint to Porous Substrates
Matt finish
Water resistant
High adhesion
Long-lasting protection