Concrete Facades (10 Systems)

System No. 208
Exterior Flexible Emulsion System
Advance colour performance
Long lasting protection
Ability to cover cracks up to 2.6mm
Certified concrete protection and anticarbonation
System No. 212
Travertine Rock Effect Exterior Emulsion
Advanced colour performance
Long-lasting protection
Covers minor surface cracks
System No. 101
Weather Resistance Coating System
Positive pressure waterproofing
Leveling uneven surfaces & Smooth finish
Damage repair
14 UV resistant colors
System No. 102
Decorative Plastering
Provides profiled & scratched finishes
Provides a traditional antique look
Weather resistant
Superior adhsesion
14 UV resistant colors
System No. 125
Textured Waterproofing Acrylic Coating
Weather Resistance
Hide Imperfections
Variety of Textures
Water resistant
14 UV resistant Colors
System No. 211
A Durable Exterior Emulsion with Grooved Texture
Grooved Texture look
Long Lasting
Covers Undulations
System No. 206
Exterior Weather Sheild Emulsion System
An exterior, smooth & easy to apply water based topcoat
Based on modified acrylic emulsion
Good hiding power and colour stability
System No. 207
Exterior Anti-carbonation Emulsion System
Advanced colour performance
Certified concrete protection and anti-carbonation
Low maintenance
Avaliable in Matt/Silk finish
System No. 209
Exterior Medium Textured Emulsion System
A medium textured
Provide both protection and décor
Hides fine cracks
System No. 210
Exterior FineTextured Emulsion System
A Light textured
Provide both protection and décor
Hides fine cracks